The Smartest and Ultimate Casting Technology

The Galloni G1, G3 & G5 Series is the most advanced Induction Pressure/Vacuum Casting Machine currently available worldwide with fully proportional computer-controlled power output.
The machine is fully automatic and controllled by a custom-built computer featuring a 5.7” TFT color touch screen leading the operator step by step through the casting process.


The best technology to obtain in only 2-3 hours the best castings. Give possibility to goldsmiths, jewelry designer and small studios to make small series casting on their own!!! Ideal to cast unique pieces from rapid-prototyping machines.


This machine incorporates the system features and the latest process control technology for high-production casting of both platinum and gold with extremely fast cycle times (just abt 60 seconds for platinum and 3 minutes for gold). .


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Galloni offers the optimal equipment for large, medium-sized and small companies.
Galloni casting machines :
- are automatic with computer-control
- are based upon the latest state-of-the-art technology.
The underlying principle is the same:
- the combination of vacuum and pressure -
- for speed, perfection and reproducible quality.
Galloni produces the better casting machine?
They are real vacuum and pressure casting machines, that means:
Strong, rod type closures of the system to take up the full pressure difference of 4 bar instantly.
(vacuum -0,9 bar plus 3 bar pressure = 4 bar difference)
Flat cover to minimize the chamber volume for instant pressure buildup.
The whole system (melting and flask chambers) is evacuated with full
vacuum -0,9 bar, and thereafter flooded with inert gas (He, Ar, N)
The airtight separation of the chambers is achieved by the new
“Sealing blade system” SBS which doesn’t require sealing gaskets.

Versatility of flasks to be employed, perforated or not, with or without flange.
They are automatic (one button operation) but also can be operated semi-automatically, separating the casting cycle from the melting cycle.
Why Vacuum and Pressure?

Galloni machines are designed, engineered and built for vacuum
and pressure casting.
With full vacuum - 0,9 bar and over pressure of + 3,0 bar they
withstand a pressure difference of up to 4,0 bar.
the vacuum is needed to extract all the oxygen rich air from the
system, as well as to extract the gases occurring when the hot metal meets the investment during pouring.
the pressure in term, sets the channelling system made out of the
main sprue and the feeder sprues under pressure, feeding still liquid metal to the shrinking parts during their solidification process.
Moreover, the metal structure during crystallisation becomes denser for easier finishing, showing up a smoother surface for a long lasting bright shine.
That is Quality in Jewellery making!



In 1953 Galloni developped the first casting machine with vacuum system applied on the flask.



GALLONI is proud to present

the MONSTER for aluminium castings!




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GALLONI is proud to present







GALLONI is proud to present



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