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G-Ject is the first vacuum wax injector with built-in digital and proportional pressure controller. Designed with a wide LCD screen and with a touch screen which allows to set, check and store all the functional parameters: injection pressure, proportional pressure, vacuum, temperature of the wax in the tank and in the nozzle, mould autoclamp.
Vacuum and proportional pressure optimize wax filling in the mould as well as its consistency to produce intricate models in filigree or bulky, avoiding touch up and with negligible degree of waste.

Air evacuation from the mould is the condition for the complete wax filling, reaching perfect consistency for both fine and massive patterns.
G-Ject features two vacuum systems: direct connection between the pump and the mould achieving a high degree (on the basis of the pump characteristic), or vacuum controlled through a tank allowing adjustments from -0.3 to -0.9 bar. The operator selects the system according to the pattern and to the rubber mould which may be cut not accurately or may be unsuited to withstand high vacuum.

Process flexibility also for the injection pressure with two options: constant pressure or proportional pressure. In the first option the pressure set by the operator is kept all the time of the injection.
In the proportional pressure, the process starts with the set figure, then after a fraction of second the operator can increase or decrease it. The increment is useful for bulky pieces to remedy the wax shrinkage during solidification and for large pieces to flatten the surface. In filigree patterns the decrement avoids wax leaking through the mould sides.

Two ancillary items improve the functionality and the working accuracy of G-Ject.
The reader of the process parameter chip that is inserted in the rubber mould; this device is indispensable for users with several moulds and requiring to replicate the parameters.
The autoclamp enables the perfect coupling between the mould and the injection nozzle as well as the uniform distribution of the vertical pressure over the main sides. Autoclamp is available for rubbers with dimensions up to 80 x 110 x h 60 mm.

The operator manages the G-Ject by the touch screen and checks the process parameters on the LCD screen.

Alimentazione / Electrical

Monofase 230 V 50/60 Hz – 900 W / Singlephase 230 V 50/60 Hz – 900 W

Capacità Cera / Wax Capacity

Circa 3,5 Kg / Approx. 3,5 Kg

Dimensioni / Dimensions

380 x 270 mm x 400 mm h

Peso / Weight

30 Kg

Garanzia / Guarantee

12 mesi / 12 months

E' Necessario Disporre Di Aria Compressa E Pompa Del Vuoto

Compressed air and vacuum pump are required (not included in the basic supply)