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The results obtained by high frequency melting are well known. The electronic induction method ensures unchanged physical and metallurgic properties of metals along with rapid melting speed and high output capability.It has many uses and will satisfy the demands of the small and medium sized industries.

K20 utilizes low frequency power generator of the very latest technology ensuring a great mixing of metal and fast smelting even for large volumes. The crucible tilting device will guarantee a pouring of metal into the ingot mould without the need to handle the crucible. It can be either manual or electric upon request. The device is designed to overcome any problems concerning possible accidents in the pouring stage.

K20 has a type “K” immersion thermocouple up to °C 1200 (upon request a type “S” themocouple up to °C 1500 is available or optical inphrared devices) and inert gas attachment on top of the crucible to prevent oxidation of metal when pouring.

K20 can utilize pure graphite crucibles as well as SiC and Salamander.

Alimentazione / Electrical

Trifase 400 V – 50/60 Hz – 20 kW / Threephase 400 V – 50/60 Hz – 20 kW

Raffreddamento / Cooling Water Supply

ad acqua 4 l/m

Dimensioni / Overall Dimensions And Weight

base mm 1200 x 660 – alt. mm 1300

Garanzia / Guarantee

12 mesi (solo se usati consumabili originali Galloni) / 12 months

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