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Okay Plus Vac Dental

Vacuum induction centrifugal casting machine with MOSFET system. Casting chamber under full vacuum with appropriate inert gas protection (argon or nitrogen). Vacuum removes gases from the invested flask minimizing or eliminating gas porosity and radically enhances crucible life, argon or nitrogen gas prevents oxidation of gold and platinum alloys.

Medium-frequency induction melting with self-stirring effect to ensure absolute homogeneity from the top to the bottom of the cast tree. Raising and lowering of the induction coil is automatically. An infrared optical pyrometer for temperature control up to 21,500 °C (2,732 °F). All casting parameters are programmable and can be stored in memory, including controlled metal temperature, r.p.m. of the centrifugal arm, acceleration, vacuum and gas pressure. It guarantees repeatability of the results.

Proportional power output controlled by the temperature controller. As the preset casting temperature is almost reached, power is automatically adjusted to eliminate temperature overshoot which is one cause of porosity and maintaining an unalterated power stirring effect throughout the metal. It is equipped with a universal flask cradle i.e. with an easy movement of the lever it is possible to adjust the flask support and any sprue button in the flask will be easily centered with the crucible exit hole. This universal cradle is particularly suitable when using the technique of the free expansion without metal casting rings.

The sloping position of the crucible is very important because it allows the melted alloy to smoothly flow out of the crucible during spinning and it also ensures a complete and smooth flow of those alloys with a low specific weight. The highly efficient heating power output is capable of melting up to 150 grams chrome-cobalt- molybdenum. With 60-80 grams it is possible to cast two skeletons in one flask. For example 50 seconds are sufficient to melt 40 grams chrome-cobalt-molybdenum. The low power supply is 5 kW singlephase and it suits the small laboratories as well.


Alimentazione / Electrical

Monofase 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 5Kw / Singlephase 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 5 kW

Frequenza Di Lavoro / Work Frequency

45 Khz

Capacità Di Fusione / Melting Capacity

150 g c.c.m.

Volume Crogioli / Crucible Volume

40 cc

Cilindri / Flasks

Da 48 mm a 90 mm Ø max. x 55 mm h max / from 48 to 90 mm Ø – 55 mm h

Max Temperature


Raffreddamento / Water Cooling

2 litri/min. 3~4 bar con impianto di raffreddamento a circuito chiuso / 2 litres/minute 3~4 bar built-in closed circuit system

Gas / Inert Gas Supply

Elio, Argon, Azoto / Helium, Argon , Nitrogen

Dimensioni / Dimensions

670 x 740 mm x 1050 mm h

Peso / Weight

163 kg

Garanzia / Guarantee

24 mesi / 24 months



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