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Water Refrigerator

The use of water for industrial cooling purposes becomes more and more difficult each day and it becomes impossible when water is not available or forbidden by law.

The main advantages of a water refrigerator are:

Complete elimination of water consumption. Permanent cleanliness of circulating water with maximum performance of equipment. Insensibility to ice by the integration of water with antifreeze agent.

Pressione Di Esercizio / Operating Pressure

3 BAR (su richiesta 6 BAR) / 3 BAR (6 BAR on request)

Compressore / Compressor

Frig/h 1530-3000

Pompa / Pump

Lt/h 300

Temperatura Massima / Room Temperature

43 °C

Alimentazione / Electrical

monofase 230 V 50/60 Hz 1,7 kw / Singlephase 230 V 50/60 Hz 1,7 kw

Dimensioni / Dimensions

base mm 750 altezza mm 860 / base mm 750 x 550 – 860 mm heigh

Peso / Weight

75 kg



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